koziol is the sustainability brand

We have been producing exclusively at the Erbach/Odenwald location in Germany since 1927. And with an unusual depth of production: design, development, construction, mold making, production, shipping and administration are all under one roof, in one place.

Thanks to our philosophy of producing all products exclusively in Germany, we stand for responsible, future-oriented action and design with a clear conscience.

We have the Assured Sustainability seal of approval from the German Institute for Sustainability and Economics, which evaluates comprehensive sustainability in the areas of ecology, economics and social skills. We are also certified according to SEDEX.

Our products are revolutionary in many areas: from the unbreakable SUPERGLAS, to reusable solutions made from biocircular material, to individual product creations in the area of ​​advertising materials.

100% climate neutral

We make the world a better place.

Every year we undertake certification: We achieve 70% of this neutrality through savings of
CO₂ emissions achieved through our own measures. 30% will be compensated by intelligent reforestation of an existing forest on Rügen with new, climate-resistant tree species and the maintenance of the existing stock.

We only use green electricity, 40% of which we produce ourselves using a photovoltaic system.

The cooling water pumped from our own well is used in a closed water circuit to save consumption. We use the waste heat from production to heat the buildings.

Good design with a clear conscience

We are pioneers in the development and manufacture of long-lasting, sustainable and award-winning design products. We only use thermoplastics that are 100% recyclable.
They are food-safe, dishwasher-safe and do not require any additives such as formaldehyde or plasticizers during processing.
The processing of thermoplastics uses up to 90% less energy than, for example, the production of glass, ceramics or aluminum!
Thanks to its resource-saving production, plastic is currently the most ecologically and economically sensible material on the market.

100% made in Odenwald

As a value-conscious family business from Erbach in the Odenwald, we have been producing exclusively on site since our founding, which guarantees resource-saving and environmentally friendly production.
We never produce disposable products, but rather long-lasting life companions that are useful
use of plastic. They are robust, light, unbreakable, ergonomic and, thanks to their easy handling, also suitable for children and seniors.
Resource-saving production is already taken into account in the design:
Production in one piece, optimized wall thicknesses, good demouldability and short cycle times enable efficient and, above all, energy-saving production.